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3 Podesta Roofing Services That Ensure You’re Completely Covered

Your roof is the most important structural component of your home. It protects you, your family, and your investment. When it comes to roof repair and maintenance, you never want to sell yourself short. That’s why Podesta Roofing offers three roofing services that ensure you’re always completely covered.

Our Domestic Roofing Worthing Services

Roofing WorthingWe handle any and all domestic roofing in Worthing by offering:

Our experienced specialists are on site to ensure each and every job is completed properly.

In addition, we’re happy to help with selections. If you’re looking for beautiful Velux windows or facades, we’ll use our keen eye to help you select and install options that match the style of your home.

Commercial Roofing in Worthing

We provide top-grade commercial roof repair. Our portfolio is a diverse one that consists of countless completed projects for customers in any and all commercial settings. These include:

  • Facilities management
  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Schools
  • Colleges

You name it, we’ve done it.

All of our commercial roofing services are provided by first giving you information, then providing you with a quote, and providing prompt service.

Roof Maintenance

Roofs naturally deteriorate. That’s part of the reason why we’re in business. Over the years, we’ve perfected our roof maintenance service to ensure you’re never blindsided by roof failures.

We take pride in our roof inspections following extreme weather conditions. We carefully inspect the roof for any sign of damage. If noticed, we analyze and then treat the damage accordingly. We’ll never perform a repair that’s not needed.

Roofing Worthing

Our Experience

John Podesta raised the bar when he founded Podesta Roofing. He built our business based on the idea of providing customers with expert craftsmanship done with the very best of materials. In addition, he created a commitment to excellent standard that can be seen in any and every job completed by Podesta Roofing.

We know the best customer is one who is covered by both the roofs we provide along with our guarantee. We are covered by public liability insurance to guarantee our work. In addition, customers can expect world-class priority in unexpected weather emergencies.


You now know Podesta Roofing’s experience and three roofing services. When you’re in need, we’ll provide you with a free site and survey visit. Your customer service experience will be the best one possible. We have helped countless customers with our roofing Worthing services and will gladly do the same for you.

For further enquiries into our roofing Worthing services, contact Podesta Roofing today, or visit us online to see our range of roof repair options in Worthing.

Podesta Roofing client list is extensive and they have undertaken work for building and property facilities management, the, local authorities, housing associations, schools, colleges and various commercial companies, with project values ranging from £300 to in excess of £200,000.