Roof Repairs West Sussex

Roof Repairs West Sussex

Your roof is undoubtedly one of the most important structural components of your home. Roof damage can lead to major home and financial problems. For this reason, it’s extremely important that you maintain the integrity of your roof. The following five great tips can serve as guide to help you:

Moss & Mould Removal Sussex

Untreated moss and mould is one of the main causes of roof repairs in West Sussex. When left untreated, roof moss and mould can lead to serious problems. We’ve performed countless roof repairs in West Sussex because of moss and mould build up.

Moss and mould feed off organic materials. They will eat away at your roof’s shingles until they completely deteriorate. Ensure this doesn’t happen by spraying a moss/mould removal solution on streaked areas of your roof. If the problem can’t be treated in this manner, contact a professional roofing company. Make note that you should never use a pressure washer on your roof – it can cause further shingle damage and deterioration.

Protect Your Roof from Bad WeatherRoof Repairs West Sussex

Bad weather in the form of wind, hail, rain, and snow all cause roof repairs in West Sussex. The best way to protect your roof from bad weather is to inspect your yard after each bout of bad weather. Broken shingle pieces are a tell tale sign that roof damage has occurred and a roofing company needs to be contacted.

Protect Your Roof from Fallen Debris

Trees can cause serious roof damage. If you have a tree that threatens your roof, it’s strongly recommended that you cut it—or at least the main branches—to ensure your roof is safe. Cutting trees on your own can certainly be done. Hiring a professional tree cutting service is another option. Your decision should be made based on how comfortable and confident you are in your tree cutting skills.

Clear Your Gutters

Clogged gutters are another common cause of roof repairs in West Sussex. Leaves and debris in gutters can cause water to pool on your roof. When left untreated, serious water damage can occur. In order to prevent this, clean your gutters at least once every six months and after bad weather. Entrances and exits should always be free so water can freely flow through them.

Check Flashing and CaulkingRoof Repairs West Sussex

Flashing is a small piece of metal that connects your lights and chimney to your roof. Bad weather can cause it to break or be ripped off. To prevent this, check your flashing after bad weather. Usually a simple tightening is enough to keep it stable.

Caulking is what seals your lights and chimney to your roof. It should be inspected every three to six months. Damaged or worn caulking should be scraped off and a new sealant should be applied.

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