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Remembering The Great Storm of 1987

Storm Doris has been battering the UK in recent days with winds of up to 94mph, rain and snow. The storm has caused one death, left thousands of homes without power, flight cancellations and road and rail disruption across the country.

As giant waves battered Brighton Beach and Newhaven, the scenes were reminiscent of the Great Storm of 1987: the most devastating storm to hit South England for 300 years.

Here’s a brief reminder of one of the worst storms in British history and the damage it caused.

Before The Storm

The storm of 1987 hit Southern England in the early hours of morning on 16th October. Although forecasters predicted that severe weather was on the way, 4 or 5 days earlier, the 15th October started out with light winds and no official concern for the escalating depression. Heavy rains were predicted Roof Repairs horshamrather than strong winds.

Weatherman, Michael Fish, famously dismissed reports of an imminent hurricane, telling viewers, during his lunchtime weather report, not to worry.

The lack of accurate information on the day, meant that residents of South England weren’t prepared for the devastation about to come.

The Storm Hits

The storm hit the Southern coast of England during the night of the 15th of October. 115 mph winds tore up tree roots and ripped tiles from the roofs of buildings.

3 people in Sussex were killed by toppling chimneys. 15 million trees were felled by the storm and many buildings were devastated as trees and debris crashed through their roofs. Boats along the Sussex coast were wrecked and a Channel ferry was blown ashore near Folkestone.

In a period of just 3 hours, the Great Storm claimed 22 lives in Southern England and Northern France.

The Aftermath

The storm ripped down telephone and electricity lines throughout Southern England and some homes were left without power for several weeks afterwards.

roof repairs horshamIt’s estimated that the Great Storm caused over £2 billion worth of damage. Insurance claims were around £15 million.

Roof damage to many properties was extensive. Some roofs were blown right off and others completely destroyed by falling trees.

As the recent Storm Doris begins to subside, it will be a busy time for roofers as home and business owners begin to assess the damage of yet another devastating storm.

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