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Keeping your house warm is necessary in the UK during the cold, winter months. However, the Department of Energy predicts that heating costs will rise again this winter. Properly insulating your home is one of the most effective ways of keeping your house warm and your energy costs down. October is the perfect month to consider insulating your home. Insulation needs to be done before you start turning on the heating or lighting the fire.

Why Do I Need To Insulate? roof repairs brighton

If your home is not properly insulated then you might as well be burning your money on a bonfire. A uninsulated house will need more energy to heat your home because your heating system will have to work harder. Not only will an uninsulated house cost you more to keep warm, but it will also have a seriously negative effect on the environment by increasing your carbon footprint. Nobody wants to spend the coming winter months in a freezing cold house. Think of insulation as a giant duck down, filled duvet that is wrapped around your house. You wouldn’t want to face the winter without it!

roof repairs brightonRoof Insulation

If nothing else, make sure that your roof space is properly insulated before winter. As heat rises, most of your heating will end up in the roof space. An insulated roof will act as a barrier, trapping the heat and preventing it from escaping. Up to 45% of your home’s heat is lost if your roof isn’t properly insulated. If your loft space is easily accessible, it should be fairly simple to insulate with rolls of mineral wool insulating material. You may even be able to do it yourself if you’re competent enough. If you use your loft space as a living area, you will need to insulate the roof instead of the loft floor. This can be done with fixed rigid insulation boards in the rafters and around dormer windows. Flat roofs need to be insulated from above to avoid condensation problems. A rigid insulation board can be added on top or underneath a new waterproof layer. This needs to be carried out by a professional roofing company.

Once you have insulated your roof this October, call in a professional roof repairer to deal with any roofing or gutter repairs that need to be done before winter. Podesta Roofing Brighton are specialists in roofing and chimney repairs and maintenance, covering Brighton and the rest of Sussex. For more information on Brighton roof repairs, including renewable roofing options, call one of our experts today.

Podesta Roofing client list is extensive and they have undertaken work for building and property facilities management, the, local authorities, housing associations, schools, colleges and various commercial companies, with project values ranging from £300 to in excess of £200,000.