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Flat Roof Repair

The Flat Roof Revolution

There was a time when flat roofs had a bad reputation for being cheap, poor quality structures that constantly leaked. It’s true to say that in the past low grade materials and poor workmanship were to blame. Add to that the common belief that flat roof maintenance was a simple DIY job, it’s easy to see why flat roofs ended up costing more than they were worth. Simply covering up the problem with new membrane was not a cure. In many cases the membrane wasn’t the problem, but the rotting understructure, caused by poor ventilation and condensation build-up.

Flat Roof RepairHowever, times have changed and flat roofs are back in fashion! Here’s a look at modern flat roof uses and how proper installation and maintenance can ensure your flat roof is a worthy investment.

Modern Architecture

New building techniques and modern design methods have led to a flat roof revolution. Flat roofs are favoured by architects in contemporary home designs. They free up more internal space than traditional, pitched roofs and allow more flexibility in the design of a truly stunning room. Stronger, purpose-made structures can be utilised as sun terraces or even roof gardens.

Flat roofs are still more cost-effective than pitched roofs, yet the high quality of modern materials and workmanship ensures a sturdy, long-lasting structure that will withstand the harshest weather conditions.


The flat roof revolution has also led to changes in the insulation process. Previously, ‘cold’ insulation techniques were used; a thermal insulation layer was installed below the decking and immediately above the ceiling. Now, ‘warm’ insulation is more common. The insulation layer is installed externally, directly under the waterproof membrane. This creates a void between the decking supports and the ceiling, providing ventilation and more efficient insulation and preventing condensation build-up, damp and rot.


All flat roofs have a very slight slope to help water drainage, however, flat roofs still need attention. To ensure the durability of your flat roof, you’ll need to inspect it regularly. Check for signs of:

  • Debris build-up. Make sure that gutters are cleared and leaves swept away before they turn to mulch. Good drainage is essential to prevent pooling water and moisture penetration.
  • Overhanging trees. Ensure that low lying branches are trimmed back to avoid damage to the membrane.
  • Flashing deterioration.
  • Wear and tear. Overtime the layers can suffer from heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions.

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